Here's what people are saying about Julia...

"In the 35 years that I've worked in Maine's community mental health system I always return to the same criteria- 'Would I have this person care for/treat my wife, my daughters, my mom, or my dear friends?' In Julia's case the answer is yes and even please. Julia is creative, thoughtful, present, determined, and has the experience, education, and exceptionalism that gets results. Could I recommend anyone in a greater fashion? Absolutely not."

Hadley Austin, LADC

“Julia is a consummate and compassionate professional and natural collaborator. Her respectful curiosity is refreshing and ensures that she is there for you to meet your goals and needs.”

Shelley Cohen Konrad PhD, LCSW, FNAP – Clinical Social Worker, Professor, Director of Center for Collaborative Education, UNE

“Julia has vast clinical knowledge and skill. She is an eager learner and always working to refine her skills. She is a hard worker and willing to go above and beyond for all of the individuals she serves. Anyone would be lucky to work with Julia either as a colleague or having her as their therapist.”

Carol Squires, LCSW, LADC, IMAT Clinician

“While I’ve not worked with Julia in her role as clinician, I’ve worked with her on a project looking at ways to screen for and provide resources for families with food insecurity. Her passion for patients, her organizational skills, and her follow-up are remarkable. I can only imagine the attention and detail she would provide to patients in counseling and will be referring my adolescent patients in need of support her way.”

Brian P. Youth, MD, Director of Pediatrics, Maine Medical Center

“Julia is both a “boots on the ground” and “policy guru” social worker. She has a real specialty: linking individual struggles with the policy dynamics. I refer to her when I need a navigator that will lead my patients to higher ground and also effect change on a global scale. I know her private practice and consulting work will bring resolution to folks with troubled hearts and well as hope for change makers.”

Nick Wagner, RN, Duke University

“I feel that it is always a helpful thing to give credit and feedback where it is "due" and make sure to let others know how they've positively impacted us. With this said, I felt you did an amazing job with your presentation/training and you had a very wholesome and down-to-earth presence with us all, which I very much appreciated. I think it goes a long way when we recognize other's strengths and speak with humility, and I felt that you did just that with us as case managers. It sounds like you've had many different career opportunities and you have a lot of experiential knowledge, but I'd just like to say that your humility and appreciative nature is going to take you so, so, very far in this field (not that it hasn't already- but you're going to impact people in a huge, positive way). We need more of that in this world.”

Daja Martin, MSW, Training Participant

"Julia’s time at the University of New England was marked by a commitment to learning and practicing interprofessionally. She has valuable insight and experience to share regarding systems of care that function from a team-based model."

Kris Hall, MFA, Program Manager, Center for Excellence in Collaborative Education, University of New England

“Her helpfulness, attention to detail and solution-based confidence are a real rare gem in this big world. Whenever I have the opportunity to work with Julia, I know my day will be filled with smiles and laughs.”

Jennifer Banis, Owner of 111 Maine Catering